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2021-03-18 18:45:17 (UTC)

January to March

This year so far has been a hurricane, and I haven't even had the time or motivation to really document any of it. It's not a good feeling to neglect a place that has been so good to me since I started writing here, and it's always a comforting feeling to see a blank entry as I begin writing anew. It's always hard to know where to begin. I mean, January makes the most sense right? I had my 30th birthday in January, it was fine, about as okay as it could have been with covid. My mum managed to get my entire family, some friends and my girlfriend to create this 'happy birthday' video message for me. It was the last thing I ever expected to be honest, it was really cute. I also had a letter from Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta wishing me a happy birthday, which was awesome. My mum also managed to get an autographed card from Kelly Jones (Lead Singer of Stereophonics) wishing me a happy birthday, so that was really great. I've already mentioned this really bad cough I've had since the end of November, so I've been dealing with that too, which has been a constant annoyance. I had a talk with the doctor yesterday and he's keeping me on the same medication for the next three months to see what happens. I'm not confident it's going to actually help anything, but we'll see how we go. I also quit WoW at the end of January, a lot of disappointing stuff was happening in our group and I felt really miserable and just needed to break away from that group of people, and the game itself. The game wasn't as fun as I had hoped for, despite having a great story, the gameplay and features simply weren't up to par and the time investment didn't seem worth it. University has been going as well as it can I guess, I've been scoring 60 plus in everything, with my highest being an 82 I think, so I'm pretty pleased. The uni experience itself has been pretty drab, with everything sports related being closed off we haven't had a lot of chance to do anything practical.

February is a bit of a blur. I remember my girlfriend going through a bit of a rough time so I surprised her with a Grogu (Baby Yoda) doll that I found on Amazon which arrived before Valentine's Day, and she had sent me a really sweet letter. I also resubbed to FFXIV and had been spending a lot of my evenings playing that, as it is so often a good substitute for WoW. I'm currently looking through pictures on my phone to see if anything else memorable happened during February. I bought a new TV! Well, my old TV died on me, so I managed to find a really nice one which had a deal with a soundbar, so my bedroom is like a cinema now. I also bought a second monitor off a friend back in January, I forgot to mention; so I have two monitors on my desk and a massive TV next to it! I want to get some nice LED lights and then this room is actually going to look decent.

March has been a bit of a shitshow. Despite the fact I made £1600 on betting, it's not been a great month, but holidays are coming and I'll get three weeks off uni soon, which I can't wait for. It came to mine (and my parents) attention that my sister owes a lot of money. We apparently had bailiffs knock on the door looking for my sister because she owes council tax which I assume she can't pay for because she isn't working at the moment. She owes £750. I don't have a close relationship with my sister and I don't really know what's going on with her. She's rarely ever here and I think she lives with her boyfriend(?), we're really in the dark about her life. Either way, it's bang out of order for my parents to have to put up with this. My mother told me she was mortified that she had to deal with it. Long story short, I have given her £400 to help pay for this, and my mum plans to cover the rest by paying £50 a month I think. It's a mess. I also mentioned my high school form tutor dying in a previous entry which was really hard to take. I'm still so sad about it.

I think I have probably reflected on most things, or at least they are what immediately spring to mind. I'm going to have some food now and watch the Arsenal game. Today was my last day of uni for the week so I can just kick back and relax now. Last week next week and I can't wait!


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