If I die today
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2021-03-18 06:00:00 (UTC)

almond butter jelly time

This morning has been somewhat accomplished. been awake since just before 430 had food vitimains coffee and stretched then indoor cardio and just sat down with almond butter and jelly rice cake. I'm on scheduleish today but we will see if i get distracted not planning an outdoor workout bc possible winds up to 15mph still enough to distrub me. plus contrustion has been a hassel to adapt too. Today is bathroom cleaning and I should really wash the dirty towels in the laundry . There was no date last night i took a flexirl around 630 for concern of my jaw. I pulled out my bed. Things were goodI really wanted to rest last night I guess it was like 8 instead of turning off the tv I put it on a timer but I wish I did take thee time to be quiet and still thats what I wanted but I guess I'm addicted to meaningless tv shows. Had a good visti with yLinde and her daughter we drove to the post office then yLindse and I were talking she knew a place fairl accessible at the potential new apartmetns I could run so we drove that way she showed me thee possiblities. We had a good visit doesnt sound like too much is new with her. She is not planning on getting the jab. I'm proud of her for that we talked about how well its kinda pointless bc arnt they claiming that people who have recieved are still possibly able to get infected, and it does have side effects plus we are the guninie How tdo yyou spell it. we;re the pigs. Theres not a lot of info out there thats exactly it thou were the pigs thats what they the big they thinks of us were all fools and useless pigs and theyll cook us and have bacon. I'm concerned and dont know what to do about Japan has a new law that baning same sex marriage is unlawful. What do you do were living in world where its illegal to uphold Gods law. Sheesh All of God's people are gonna be unemployed. Wouldnt suprise me if Japan has another big quake or suffers something serious very soon. Althou we are not in any better shape at all. Ok so in Rev 18 today it made me think that maybe when God calls out his people is it a call a command or an invite. Thinking about it as an invite to come out of her intruiges me. And well its not super seceret that i'm going down with this world. Noone sees christ in me and lets face my deeds lately yep I'm no diffrent. A serious problem here still have no plan or path of redeption. physcially well not to much ails me my diet is well same sad story as usual but there is no fresh fruit and I'm sure the fresh veggies are less than fresh so unlikely i will use them. it's a personal problem I can correct it. I have means to supply some fresh stuff as long as its available for purchase. Well nothings really heavy on me as far as sepfic instructions to leave behind when i hit the grave or dirt. lots is on my mind but not really fully formed compelling thoughts worth sharing it would all be giberish and insane and then well that just leaves me where we are crazy girl dies.. and well I dont want to promote the mental health system in any way.

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