If I die today
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2021-03-17 05:26:00 (UTC)

welcome to my life

There no exsplaintion for my life. To start at the begining yesterday my chicken was still frozen so I didnt want to mess with it in the crock pot sooo I scored myself a dinner date with my love before 10a of course told him the olny meat I have ready is tuna fish which is true so made plans to get dinner together. Behind on chores a bit bc i'm lazy and would rather keep watching tv althou I watch so much the seat and my buttt probaly match other. Runnin I changed up my route a bit to avoud construstion and creepers so I walked up to the park entrance and ran back towards my route home then started to head forward so about gained some distance but not going as far out. I olny ran for a total of25min bc I'm well aware I'm not an athelte. Made speghitte for lunch using lentil pasta and a jar of natural sauce. I wasnt immedilyt ready to nap but by 3 I found myself gettin up from a nap-like expiernce. So then thre later out of the blue I asked to smoke.. IDK why I asked can I smoke so I'm not just tensein and grinding my jaw all night. So I totally preplanned to take a hit of weed which turned into 2. Still killed my lungs choked like shit. then well before bed I took 1 flexril. I slept from before 10 till around 515 thats reasonable if you ask me. so here I am nothing really to be proud of. During sex after dinner I got kissed a whole lot this man totally is into me there not reall words about the extra care im trying to describe but we have this thing going and theres defintly feelings besides sex but the sex is well starting to have feeling involved too. so guess its going deep . I'm tyring to get a head start on the day today is yLinsdey day. so were just going to the post office as far as i know but still i need to do a few chores and get out for a run and be showered bc I choose to be showered id rather not be sweaty and gross. Anyhow before I forget so yesterday we stopped at an ATM at my credit and it said temportily unavailble to give cash. so the cash withdrawl button said temportly unavailable but I hit it it anyway yup its wasnt an option then I went to the convience store and I bought a bag of chips adn the cashier volunteered EBT is down althou I was paying cash anyway guess he's used to his speech IDK. so I think im seeing signs of the world and times were in money is going away, the ecomony is changing oor well its just incidential but very interesting events. Not too much going on as far as hopes and aspirtations I mean I hope I rember to start the crock pot in a bit so I can have chicken dinner. Not really exspecting a date but I wont reject one. not too much if I die to be done that Id be picky about its just like I dont wanna see stuff hoarded or not being used . I mean literly id rather it go in the trash than being somes excess or luxuruty to someone who has no need. how weird is that? Well I will work on finishing this coffee and a show that I hope I can control myself to limit to a show then I better get stretched and get some things done..