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2022-04-19 13:15:00 (UTC)

Best Ale B Moments:

Season 2:
June 6, 2019:
Clip: Meet Alejandra B:
Frida C: Hi Ale!
Ale B: Hi Frida! (kisses on the cheek)
Beverly Andrea: This is your first time in Shoutout?
Ale B: Yes Beverly. Hi Friends Thurs Good Morning!
(Audience clapping)
Beverly Andrea: Okay, do you know Valerie Reyes?
Ale B: Yes I know her.
Valerie Reyes G: (speaking Espanol)
Ale B: Hola Valerie!
January 16, 2020:
Clip: Ale's reaction of the middle finger for Maris' community outing photo on Instagram:

No Audience:

Big Brother Season 2:
February 19, 2021:
Clip: Friends Thurs Housemates pray Camila's Loss:
March 11, 2021:
Clip: Ale got scared by Camila's throwback photo:
March 18, 2021:
Clip: Ale, Valerie Reyes are having fun for the pool in Big Brother House:
Season 3:
May 3, 2021:
August 26, 2021:
August 27, 2021:
Big Brother Season 3:

Season 4:

Big Brother Season 4:

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