Experienced Life
2021-03-17 10:08:43 (UTC)

Enjoying the little things 🙂

I worked last night for a little while. By that, I mean I had to migrated someone's Cloud environment and route them through a little something-something security device. It was quick. I mean it took a total of maybe just 15 min to do? Anyway, my boss leaves me alone this morning and so I get to kick back and just watch some training videos should I want to. Or I can just telework on something. Or I could just tele-not-work and so that is my choice for these precious few hrs. I get to kick back and enjoy my quiet time and listen to some mellow music.

Already excited about today's gym session. We are back indoors and I saw someone posted this morning's session. We are using barbells again. Using the entire floor to do weighted walking forward lunges. Box jumps are back too!!! We use those wooden gym boxes and jump on them from from floor to the box. Makes us feel like a wannabe Ninja.

Already thinking about the weekend. Saturday, a bunch of us will hit this other gym that has our ex coach that is the best of the best. Very tough coach. After that, we will go to the Cracker Barrel next door. Haven't been to one of those since I was in Georgia many many years ago. Just got a text and found out that Heidi rented an entire session at a theatre. Crazy lady but hey, ok I'm going. She asked me how many tickets I wanted. We shall see. I may ask someone to join me. Maybe. But I know I'll know at least half the people going to the theatre so it'll be ok even if I don't bring a "friend".

I'm still sitting on my tax returns. I know I want to either spend it on mods for my truck or get another Hobie kayak so I can take friends out kayak fishing with me. Argghh!! The first world frustrations that I have to face. hehe. Jk. Just being an ass and sarcastically reminding myself on how lucky I am to have this life. I would be-atch slap myself but my arms hurt a from all the pushups we've been doing these past few days. I will only sacrifice the pain right now on lifting my coffee cup and typing little tidbits of whatever is leaking out of my brain onto this site. I used to always worry a little about being able to recover in time for the next day's session but I always seem to survive 💪🦵🥴.

This is the ninja box I want to buy for home use.

This is the 2nd kayak I want to get to take friends out with me to enjoy the lake kayaking or kayak fishing.

Well, tis that time. More coffee, make breakfast then get ready for my 1st mtg of the day :) Later diary.