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2021-03-17 14:10:29 (UTC)

Coughing Hell!

I've had this terrible cough since November, I still have it now but it isn't nearly as bad what it was. It's still annoying and latching on though, despite doctors attempting many different things. I've done everything you would have expected: covid test, they did a scan on my chest etc. I'm perfectly fine, which is bizarre. They've given me various antibiotics, asthma pumps (for whatever reason), even some Dymista nasal spray. I honestly don't think they know what is up with me, which is quite alarming. I'm expecting a call from the doctor this afternoon to see what the next plan of action is I guess, but I'm just so fed up and bored of this now. I can't even do any shopping because I'm scared if I start coughing, people are going to just give me the death stare. It's also made it increasing harder to do university stuff over Zoom and whatnot because sometimes I can't even finish a sentence without coughing. It's just been relentless. I had a friend suggest maybe it was 'long covid' but the test I did was a blood test and it didn't detect coronavirus antibodies, so your guess is as good as mine.

I haven't got any plans for today. I just knew after yesterday I would try and make an effort to write here some more. I do have an essay I need to get started on which is due for next Friday. Next Friday being the last day of uni too and then I get a much needed three weeks off, then I go back for four and year one is over. Crazy how fast it's gone. I've only been on campus 3 times and haven't even met my entire classmates due to lockdown. A very disappointing first year, for sure, but just trying to make the best of it.