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2021-03-16 22:58:12 (UTC)

Finally back indoors!!! 😎

That's right. Everyone is fighting to go out again? Well, not for gym peeps. We finally got the green light (actually, it's Covid Red level) meaning we get to go back inside of the gym where all the equipment are. We are also back to rotating stations again meaning barbells, bikes, rowers, trx, etc, etc is back on the table!! Hallelujah 😀😀😀😀!!!!!!! No more just being stuck in a 6'x6' square!! 😤. It was ok but you can only do so much that way. Mostly hard to socialize because we're spread apart.

Chatted with Stephanie again today and she seems nice. She told me she takes care of her Mom and she has a thing I guess? "Thing" meaning Mom needing medical assistance? Good for her. So with that, Stephanie could get her Covid shots. Cool. She asked about my situation. Now that I think about it, she pried without me realizing it. She was able to get out of me that I live alone and I don't have to care for anyone. All because she asked me about Covid stuff. She asked what I do to see if I qualify for a shot right away. Told her I'm in IT, live alone so no caregiving to anyone, and pretty much knew my layout all by relating it to Covid shots. Sneaky but meh.. I don't really care. Nothing to hide. All true stuff but I don't really want to tell people about my work. I don't want them to know that I have a great job and I of course don't want them to like me because of my job. The most I talk about what I do is only to my other IT friends or Co-workers. Third place would be here on this diary and the diary is a non-entity so I figure it's ok to post general work duties here. On here, it's either boring or no one gives a darn about what I do at work anyway. Usually, I tell them I stare in front of a computer screen and silly as that sounds, people actually accept it 99% of the time and go no further! 🤪

As far as my friend's daughter after he just passed? She didn't chose to live with me till graduation. She is going to finish High school here locally but with another couple I think. Well, good for her. I think I know that couple and they both have good jobs so the teen may even get to have her college paid for. Again, happy for her. Heidi is still bent a little out of shape but she didn't think it out far enough. I know it's the best for the teen to go to that other couple and not Heidi. Heidi barely keeps up financially so I don't know why she is hurt by not being chosen. Second choice would be me anyway since I have stable income and third would be her. All a mute point right now since the couple will take care of her from now on

For me? I'm good. No drama and I'm out there looking to get into a little bit of social butterfly trouble so that's what I'm up to. Shaking it up a little living a little uncomfortable. Like last night for example. I went with a tequila sunrise in lieu of cranberry vodka 😋

Good night diary :)