Life of a Highschooler
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2021-03-16 21:29:19 (UTC)

Here ya'll go

Hey, so here's the new stuff you should know about me before reading this long article XD
1. I'm a freshmen
2. I'm 14
3. I had my first kiss
So yeah thats the small things. So now for the big tea. Ahhhh get ready its one hell of a ride lol.

So basically, I signed up for painting class. Keep in mind, I was gone for 1-2 months of it because I broke my ankle and did virtual. Well anyways, then I came back to school. So there's this dude named (we'll call him "M") (He's a sophomore) Well when I first came back, we were across the room from eachother, so I had no thoughts about him. Well anyways, I was going through my snapchat stories (if you have snap and want to talk on there *only if you want too* Ill drop my @) , and I saw M's @ on her story. Well I added him because, hell, why not? Anyways, he added me back. Well we started snapping back and forth. Then about a week or so later, he started showing a lil interest in me. (He would say things like "You should snap your face" and when I said "why lol" he said "Cause im snapping you, not your ceiling" and he would always send face pics, and goofy pics). Well anyways, before I knew it, he was asking for nUdes ( I never sent to him) and then he wanted to "hangout" before school the next day. Well, I was obviously down because I was starting to catch feelings. So anyways we made plans and we each kept our word. School started at 8:30 am and I got to school at 7:15-ish a.m. So he was there in his car waiting for me, and so I got into his car. Well he drove for a while, and soon we were in a private place. Well I was kinda scared and so I was stalling. So we talked for a while, then he started adjusting the music. Well...a few seconds later his lips were on mine. Damn it was perfect. Anyways, so first we were just kissing, slowly at first, then going a bit faster. Then he started to run his hands up my back, and under my bra. Well I was fine with this because, hell, he was hot lol. Then he kinda motioned for me to take off my shirt, which I did, because you know in the movies, how thats how it goes? So anyways, we were kissing, his hands were under my bra and one was holding my thigh close to him. So soon his mouth is on my neck and my chest, so you know, I got 3 hickeys from him. So my hands were around his neck. So he unbuckles his belt, and unzips his pants. Well I'm pretty sure you know what that leads to...soon my hands are, lets just say down there. Anyways, so (this being my first time) he kinda leads me. He moves my hand in the motion he wants. Well anyways its now about 8:20 am and hes like "I better get you back to class" and Im like "you gotta show up to painting, cause its boutta be lit when people find out" and he smiled. Damn he was hot. Anyways, so we were driving and he was like "You fogged up my car" and he laughed. So then I was putting my shirt back on, and he reaches to his backseat and gives me one of his jackets. So I put that on instead of mine, because OMG it was my first time getting a guys clothing. So then we get to school and my friends are all like "OMG Where were you?" Well Im ignoring this question, and I walk straight up to my bestfriend, Tayler. And I'm asking her and a few other girls for foundation, because you know, ya girl was worried about hickeys showing. Anyways no one had foundation, so I went to the bathroom and adjusted my hair and the collar so nothing would show. By this time, I had only told 3 people about what I just did. Well I assume he told a few people, because by lunch, everyone knew. So then the rest of the schoolday goes on, and people come up to me and ask me "So you and M fucked?" And I was like "No." Because we didnt. Well somewhere along the line, people changed details and said me n him fucked, but we never did. Well this lead to me and him "ending things" and becoming just friends. Well this is kinda disappointing to me, because I had a lot of feelings for him. Anyways, so it took me 3 months to get over him. During this time, I cried and simped over him XD So uh yeah, thats what happened a few months ago.

So now for the more current thing lol. So I began talking to a junior. Just talking as friends. So him, knowing about the whole Mitchell thing, wanted to know more. He asked me things like "Whats your body count" I responded with "0" because thats what it is. He also asked "So whats the deal with mitchell" and I told him the whole story (well left out the detailed descriptions). Well this ends up with him wanting to "hang out and play 2k". So we continue talking for the next few weeks (still are to this day) and we end up talking about fucking. So who knows, maybe I'll lose my virginity to him...who knows. Well this is basically how that conversation went (how we got the idea to be dtf):
Me: I dont want to be pregnant, thats the only reason i havent lost my vriginity yet
Him: Are you on birth control?
Me: * I lied and said* Yea
Him: You have nothing to worry about then
Me: Yeah
Him: I would help you...
Me: You have a gf tho (Haha yeah hes takennn XD)
Him: She doesnt have to know?
Me: Hmm I guess
Him: So wyd tn
Me: I cant rn, maybe in a few days

Well me and him still haven't, but we are working on it. But everytime I pass his gf, I freak out XD I feel so bad, but at the same time its like: "Haha, a freshmen is pulling your boyfriend and you dont even know it" XD

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