London Life
2021-03-16 18:17:30 (UTC)

Railway restoration / Losing the light switch

Monday 15th March

As it was a rest day in my ultra training plan, I walked over to the community centre to do the cleaning task. My motivation was that Mali was also doing it, and I wanted to catch up with her. She was a bit late and then we had a lot of trouble finding the light switches, which were hidden behind boxes of food. Locating the cleaning equipment wasn’t so difficult and we had a chat about running. I asked her whether she wanted to go on the WhatsApp group as she was interested in both the ultra and the Ally Pally park run, which we’re all doing the first day it re-starts. I realised later that this was only her sixth task, so I must have seen her at most of them. She subsequently signed up for the ultra Q&A.

We finished twenty minutes late but when I rang Jack, he was still working. He wanted to come out as he’d been in all day – he had a headache at lunchtime so I’d gone to Ellie’s on my own. After a sit-down I went out with him for a coffee and we sat by the canal. At home we watched another of the railway architecture television programme. Last week we realised we’d not watched one or two of the first series. One was about a viaduct in Derwent, which they were saying could be brought back into use as a walkway if only someone was prepared to do it. Like magic, two days later we watched an episode from series 3, where they’d not only got someone interested , but they were busy restoring the bridge!