Scream Above the Sounds
2021-03-16 18:44:57 (UTC)

Rest In Peace, Sir

Sorry for being inactive for so long! Today has been a day where I feel incredibly motivated. I've finished my university work, I even attempted a run but I'm still pretty ill (I'll get to that in another entry) so I struggled a bit. I knew my brain would explode the day I logged back into this website because I have so much to say and so many stories. However, having read that my form tutor has passed away from my old high school, it's the only place I want to start.

He was my form tutor from Year 7-11, and he was just awesome. He was such a cool guy, he loved rock music so me and him just instantly connected. My love for drama stems from that man, absolutely. I was seriously depressed in high school because I was bullied so horrendously. I couldn't say for sure, but I think maybe he was the first person I told I was suicidal. He was very much a father figure and a role model for me in that high school, and I'm so sad and filled with regret that I didn't stay in touch with him after I left. He acknowledged my wit, humour and constant film/tv quotes and knew I could apply that to acting. I also had a very poor frame of mind in high school, I was bullied so terribly to the point where I thought I was the issue. Acting allowed me to forget about who I was, and allowed to assume and portray the role of somebody else; a temporary escape.

I saw a ton of posts on Facebook with tributes about him passing, and I wasn't sure if they were legit but I had it confirmed yesterday at a stageschool he was working at that he had been unwell for sometime. I'm so sad. I made a post regarding him, and also left the same comment on the Stagegroup's Facebook Page :-

Very saddened to learn that my high school form tutor from Year 7-11 has passed away. Chris Harding was a brilliant teacher and human being. Anybody who knew him will tell you that. He was kind, he was humble and most importantly, he listened. He helped me through struggles of depression and anxiety and his drama room became a safe haven, not just for me but for many students in our school. He was there for me at my lowest and did his absolute best to protect me and make school as enjoyable as possible. I'll forever be grateful for that.

He brought students together through the medium of drama and music and his love for both was infectious; he loved what he did and he genuinely cared about students. My favourite memory of him is after we finished a lesson I told him about some problems I was going through, and I just remember sitting alone with him and in vintage fashion he got his guitar out and he played and we sang 'Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles, and suddenly everything felt okay.

Rest in peace, Sir. - 7CH (The name of our form group; 7 was the year and CH his initials.

The saddest part is, due to covid I wouldn't even be able to attend his funeral. I'm just glad he isn't suffering anymore. You were the best, sir. I'll remember you forever.


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