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2021-03-16 10:26:03 (UTC)

Back to the grind 🤓

Well, my two days off are over but it was taken on a Friday and Monday so I feel like it was a lot longer and I feel great! I checked my schedule today and don't have anything till 10:30AM. This of course means I get to do an extra long morning zen moment. Hehe. 😎 Just sitting on bed. Sure, I'm on my work "Teams" app but not much going on there with my peeps and it's just small chit-chat going on so I'm good to zone out for awhile longer. Just clearing my mind enjoying the morning with my cup of coffee. My mind is clear and ready to take on the world again. Only small silly things fill my head this morning. For instance, coffee is such a good relaxer yet it perks you up in the morning. It helps get me in the zone when I want to just relax and clear my mind. Again, I start thinking if those Monks drank coffee to help them zone into their zen space. Hmph....Don't know. I guess this is what happens when I take off for too long. 🤔
Let's see. Heidi got lucky again. She tested and is clear of having Covid even though she was near someone confirmed to have it. That means she'll be back to her super-duper socializing again. I think she has stuff scheduled every weekend for the next 3 months. As for me? Not much scheduled. A few errands but nothing big. Social stuff will be minor. Just breakfast this Saturday after gym class with my gym peeps. Maybe I'll ask Stephanie if she wants to go too. She said she'll be at today's 5:30PM session so we'll see where my mind is at that time.

Well, it's about time to head off to my first mtg of the day. Time to put put on my nerdy brain again....Ready to rock it!! 🤘

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