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2021-03-15 19:27:30 (UTC)

Fun day at the gym 😎

So today was called Muscle-Monday at the gym. I think it's also the last time we have to work out outside. I believe we're given the go ahead to workout inside from now on. Anyway, it was a pretty easy day except for one routine. Offset pushups. This is where you do pushups but having one arm on a bosu ball so it's offset. That was hurting my right shoulder from a previous work injury but I stuck with it and finished it anyway.

There was one lady that was nice to me. Didn't know who the heck she was. She was just being extra nice to me like I gave her money or something. Didn't even know her name till our coach said something to her. Stephanie. That's when it hit me. I was helping her out one Saturday because she's a newbie and was lost. I ended up having her hangout with me so she could just copy what I did. That was her. In between routines, we had to take a jog/lap around our building. That's when I ran with her and we got acquainted. Small chit-chat asking how she's been and how I've been since I last saw her. I believe it's been 3 weeks now and she doing fine. She looks to be in decent shape and she was very happy to be in class. During class, she asked for my number and.... I gave it to her. So now we are friends and she has my number. I was not so comfortable giving it to her but I need to practice what I just preached and for me to get out of my normal comfort zone. So there I have it. Told myself to get uncomfortable and voila.. Did something about it.

After class, everyone of course hung around to chat as usual. Gave my friend her birthday present and told her I was sorry for missing last Saturdays' birthday bash. The group was planning on where to go this Saturday for our workout. There is an awesome coach at the other gym that used to train us so we decided to go there this Saturday to work out. Then of course, the usual breakfast nearby and there is a Cracker Barrel across the street from this gym so....that's where we'll be this Saturday. hehe.

I need to do some foam rolling tonight. Those offset pushups sorta hurt my right shoulder a bit and I wasn't planning on doing laps today too so we all aren't used to running so much anymore. Here is my gear that I use for recovery. The lastest-greatest is my muscle massager. I wish I bought it sooner because the hurt that this thing brings me is oh so painful and oh so good :) Not into S & M at all but it really helps with the muscle recovery. The black roller is the really stiff one and when I use that one, I scream like a speared pig!!

The low today is 31° F. That's cold enough for water to freeze and way too cold for my Southern body parts. I gave in and bought those man leggings. Not sure what you call them but I still don't feel comfy wearing them. Seems just wrong. Plus, it squeezes the heck out of my pair of you know what. Doesn't seem right to have them squished like that. But it was cold so I had no choice but to wear them 😳

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