taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-03-16 00:31:43 (UTC)

no reasonable explanation refused!

my negative energy is off the charts today. i just put the game on, the one with Lankenin, my goalie this week. it was 3-1 when i turned it on, within 5 minutes it's 3-3. my dude casually allowing 2 for my viewing pleasure. and earlier today i watched the entire lightning game and both my guys were blanked. simply my witnessing of these athletes I have selected renders the temporarily talentless and bad.

and this shit happens regularly. to the point where i expect and anticipate it and have been avoiding games with my guys in them. it's ruinous.

also, i reside in the spectre of guilt and shame and everything i write is terrible.

this is just part of the brand. it's all part of it.

my best friend irl is allegedly moving to new zealand in 2 months for the launch of this production company her friend has started. they've allegedly secured in excess of $50m in funding from hedge fund companies and saudi... it's one of the sketchiest things I've heard but, idk what's real anymore so? anyway she keeps talking about it and i've tried to hint that it sounds debatable at best, but not crush her dreams. m not sure what to say anymore.