London Life
2021-03-15 23:05:53 (UTC)

The weekend - New Sexy Boots / An Hour Late / Running, Chatting and Walking

Sunday 14th Marcg
After a lie-in with Jack and a 'No Such Thing As A Fish' podcast, I went to pick up a new lightweight running bag from Argos – having apparently lost the last one somewhere – and a new pair of thigh-length boots from Asos. I was a bit worried about whether I could get them on, as they haven’t got a zip and someone mentioned this problem in the site comments, but they are made of stretchy material and the only problem was getting my toes in, because of the pointed shape. However I think they’ll be OK – I got them because I wanted block heels, and other pair are stilletos. These heels are a bit smaller – 11cm, but they look higher. In the evening I wanted to make a new super-heroine video, in the new boots, but I couldn’t get the “bikini area” of the leotard to look right. I don’t know what’s happened to the previous video. I’ve got stills from it, but the original recording is nowhere to be found on my PC or my cloud files. Instead I had a quiet evening reading my book about language (‘Don’t Believe A Word’). I felt really tired, not surprising as I’d done 57,000 steps on two days.

In the afternoon I’d run to a task at the TH estate, but I got the time wrong and arrived an hour late, so I never really got to chat properly with anyone. I met Ceiling and did some tree planting with Sree, Laura and Leo. I didn’t realise Alex had split the team into groups of two to stay within Covid regulations, and kept becoming the third person. Her young autistic boy Liam was asking me the same question about whether I’d been arrested, which I’d answered another time by mentioning that I was once stopped by the police in Windsor. He was very agitated when we had to go, "apologising for asking us to stay late". There were two new girls at the task, Farah and Ellen, who lived near the estate and were holding hands. Farah was a chubby black girl and Ellen was a skinny girl with wavy blonde hair and glasses. I didn’t catch what job she does but she says she’s seen the Magna Carta and one of Henry VIII’s marriage certificates.

Saturday 13th March
Ran down to Kennington for the litter-picking task. Very pleased with my speed – my natural pace is increasing, though not back to the old speed. I realised yesterday I did a sub-25 minute 5km in Victoria Park as recently as last June – and I wasn’t particularly pleased with it at the time. Sadly Emma couldn’t make it today because of "a kitten emergency" but I met Harriet who suggested we meander over to the far side. I was talking to her for a bit, mainly about my lack of layers (there was a cold wind), then I went off to concentrate on recyclables, though the passage round the back wasn’t as bad as usual, maybe because the bushes had been cut back.

After I’d finished, I was talking to Harriet’s boyfriend, mainly about running, as well as to a new CA helper who wasn’t very chatty.

We went for a coffee where I spoke to a French bloke from Toulouse, who’d lived in Bordeaux and Luxembourg, so we talked about my experience of those places, the French language, and that I kniw another French bloke called Axel although it’s not a very common name there. I also talked to an older lady about the general state of things, and then the bloke from the cafe brought out two free pizzas, one vegan and one cheesey, so I had two slices, but they weren’t too heavy on my stomach. I was a bit slower running back, but I hadn’t sat down for over four hours when I got back so we had a sit-down before going out.

I had the idea of walking down Albany Street, just because it's one of the few places we haven't been down during the past year of restrictions. We first went along the canal to try and work out where the new Curzon cinema will be. Underneath the Hawley arches, according to the New Journal but where exactly?

We got a coffee from Stasis, which we drunk by the Holiday Inn, then walked for an hour and a half past the St Pancras Territorial Army barracks, the old cattle trough and back to Euston.