Being Sam
2021-03-15 21:45:29 (UTC)

Not sexy.

You know what's not sexy? Telling somebody "be sexy" :| first of all, the word itself is a little cringe and secondly...if it ain't happening naturally in that moment pal, it's not meant to be.

You know what else isn't sexy? Lockdown hair that makes your husband look too much like his dad.
Dean trimmed his beard for the first time in about 8 weeks today (you know, that beard that I have never approved of because he has good jaw damn it!) And honestly it's the first time I've wanted him to just get me naked and do nasty things to me in ages. Like don't get me wrong - always love him and always fancy him *insert eyeroll here* but I don't always want to get get naked with him. I think its a woman thing because we really do have to be in the mood. If my brain is full of crap, there's no room in there for dirty thoughts. I'm sorry. But yeah, the lockdown hair needs to go so that he looks like my husband again. I could do with getting back out and jogging again so I don't look horrific in my underwear but unfortunately my back has decided to play broken so I guess I'll have to dish out shower blowjobs or something else equally exotic to prevent Dean from realising his wife has let herself go.

Weird topic for me tonight. Not really sure where it's all come from to be honest.

To summarise - don't tell somebody to be sexy. It's off-putting. -dont be too tight to buy your own clippers and cut your damn hair. -dont be lazy.