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2021-03-15 13:04:05 (UTC)

Don't get too comfortable 🤨

This is for me to try to do. My life is general is not too bad. I have a great job that pays well and not really effected by Covid. I'm in front of a computer and work in IT so the work I do encompasses configuring hardware via remote. Sometimes not really hardware but virtual environments and again, accessible via remote from my computer. In a way, it's even easier because I just telework meaning I don't have to shower and get ready, drive to work and do my thing. All can be had by staying at home, wearing PJs, scruffy hair, and not having to drive anywhere. This shaves off about 2 hrs of getting ready and drive time. After work, I hit the gym trying my best to keep in tone and at times, losing the battle to keep my weight at my proper BMI. hehe. Spring is here so more social events are starting to happen. So on the outside looking in, I guess I can't complain.

However, this stuff is nice and easy. Very comfortable really. I'm been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week and although some people would say this is crazy, I'm actually so used to it that it's like brushing your teeth everyday to be honest. Same with work. I know my skills and I do what I do. It's hard and not everyone can do it so that's why we get paid very good. Not like just flipping burgers (but I did that for years too). Yet, I do this everyday and It's still fun of course but it's my normal. All this is within my realm of what I'd say my comfort zone. Pretty much no drama right? All good? Summer coming around the corner?

But you know what? I've been listening to a reputable behavioral specialist and I've been told to step out of my comfort zone. Try something that is foreign or not something I'm used to doing. So that got me thinking what would my uncomfortable thing to do? I already have a bunch of hobbies. I make a bunch of friends so I think I'm ok there. I could hit Vegas and spend a weekend of watching shows and gambling which is fun but I already did this so many times even though I haven't done this in awhile. Not out of my comfort zone at all. I did suggest to my friends we go cross-country in a big ass RV. They were willing at the time. My friend had an RV sitting in his property. It was his buddy's RV but I suggested we pay for borrowing it. Sadly, it never panned out. The owner didn't want to lend it to us and now my friend had a stroke so he's the one with that lost mobility to his left leg and arm. He won't be able to make that trip. The other couple are just too thin on income so they can't go on a two week vaca.

I do have a lot of things I'd like to do. Visit Europe, Eastern Canada, Mexico, kayaking at the river that supplies Hoover dam. All stuff I can and want to do but these are things you do as a couple and.....I don't have that part of me in my life........yet. hehe

I need to think about this for a bit because there isn't really much I can think of at the moment. Being comfortable may not be the best thing. Being content and happy makes me boring.