Living Without Lighting
2021-03-15 08:27:43 (UTC)

Daylight Wastings

Ah, the progress. All those hours spent lying idlily on my crooked, mashed bed trying to get some sober shut-eye, only for my nearly-stabilized sleep schedule to be set forward an hour through daylight savings! *Snarls begrudgingly*

On the other hand, I swear my father is probably crazy. Today he left the laundry room sink on as he took a work call, and within minutes the entire floor was soaked. Furthermore, I got a little pissed when he asked me to drive across town to pick up dinner, and it threw him into what I can only describe as narcissistic rage. If it's the occasional favor I don't really care, but I have an older brother that doesn't do jack shit around the house. All he does is talk about himself, and when he's asked the simplest of favors he shouts and gets violent. I had the privilege of being sucker-punched in the face by him a few weeks ago because he didn't want to move his car out of the driveway. On the other hand, I'm always the one doing the trash, feeding the dogs, doing other people's dishes as well as tending to our water cooler. The double standards are nuts, and I can't wait to escape to college and get out of this crazy house.

On the other hand, the liquor store thing never happened. A relative of mine came down to visit, and we spent the day together with him as well as some other guests, in addition I had a large exam to do. As for the whole "professional job" thing, I walked into best buy the other day to get headphones with one of my siblings, and upon asking about job applications an employee walked by and made a snide remark about my outfit. Walking off, he made a loud screech of a laugh that nobody really cared about. So much for professionalism, that's a check off my list. On the other hand, while I was checking out the drones there was a guy in the aisle who told me he was looking into buying one. They had the Mini 2 and Air 2 on display, and I was able to tell him all about the differences of both. I hope he went with the Air 2, and if he did that guy's a lucky bastard.

Either way, I'm glad that I returned to journal tonight. These events are simply too much to keep in my head while trying to sleep, and it's therapeutic to launch them all into cyberspace instead. Maybe I'll settle down with another horror audiobook, I've listened to the best Algernon Blackwood has to offer and now I'm trying to find other classic scares. Especially after listening to The Wendigo and The Willows, I'm beginning to think Lovecraft was a bit of a tryhard. As for music tastes, "Year of the Cat" is one of the finest bops I've listened to all year, and I discovered it today. Music like that makes me wish I could live in the 70s.

Other from that, that's all there really is on my mind tonight. Until we meet again, dear journal.