This Is It - 2021
2021-03-14 00:00:00 (UTC)

Spring Forward


Another exam today - fun fun fun. You think I'd remember Sundays are my busy school work days this far into the semester but...Well. Y'all have seen I regularly forget to actually click the "save entry" button after typing out my entries, so maybe you wouldn't. Anyway I only forgot for a little bit today and luckily thought to check my planner with enough time to get everything nice and done.

(Speaking of school work, one of my classes today had me answer questions like "Are you open to self-discovery" "How willing are you to change" "Are you happy in life" "What are your thoughts on the quality of your life and how could it be better" - I feel like the Stranger is about to steal me and replace me with some weird monster "Better" version of me...)

Glad I can be proud of my minor planning improvement because today was just a Not Rad day. I am just straight up not having a good time right now, but I did go walking with Sister and our dogs to try and calm myself down with a bit of fresh air and exercise. And then I still did all of my work! Even though I wasn't feeling great! And I didn't just nap it off! Obviously I'm not happy I'm upset (obviously) but I'm just happy with myself for having ways of dealing with emotions ~healthily~ y'know?

I feel off right now timewise - This whole daylight savings thing always throws me off. Time is fake but then we get used to it. But then...BOOM. Gotta switch it up a bit. Now your whole internal clock is an hour off. Have fun *Evil time laugh*

Now I go to bed later than I anticipated because I forgot time sprung forward