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2021-03-14 13:45:51 (UTC)

Funeral and Covid

Hmph. So I found out that the brother of my friend that passed away has Covid. So I for one will not attend the funeral. I mean I've been doing pretty much what I want to do during this pandemic but even I will only go so far. So going to a place that for sure has someone with Covid? gonna go there. I watched it online instead. I suggested and they did put it on Facebook Live. Heidi is a little crazy. She met the brother and she went and got tested but haven't had the results yet. She is attending the funeral service. But alright. I'm sorta guilty of throwing caution in the wind too so I can't really say anything. I mean I go to gym classes 5-6 times a week. Sure, we have procedures to keep catching it to a minimum but you know, like sex.. abstinence is the only sure way to not get it.

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