Being Sam
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2021-03-14 19:50:35 (UTC)

Happy Mothers Day

Its mother's day here in the UK.

Apparently it's also the day I join the group of people I have been slating for the last year. Yep, I've finally broken covid driving "out of area" two hours away. To the beach.

Because you know what? Fuck this shit. I didn't stop on the way, I didn't come into contact with a bunch of people, I didn't use public toilets or anything. We drove to the beach, played on the beach as a family out of the way of anybody else, then drove home. And it was GLORIOUS!

God I've missed the beach! Wendy got to experience the sand and the ocean for the first time and I think she basically loves it. She wasn't a fan of the waves hitting her belly though haha but that's probably because the water was ice cold and so was the wind today. I had so much fun just messing around with Dean and the kids on the beach though and I think that sea air has done me the world of good!
I know I'm now one of those people I hate who couldn't just fucking stay inside a while longer but I did it and it's done and we tried to make sure we were out of anybodies way.

It was also Country 2 Country last night. I should have been down in London in my cow girl boots with Lisa and Jade, drunk and singing to Luke Combs. Instead I was sat on my couch in my pj's livestreaming the highlights, tipsy on wine and singing She Got The Best Of Me as loud as I could with my six year old. Not what I'd had in mind, but good in it's own way to be honest.
Its been a good weekend