This Is It - 2021
2021-03-13 00:00:00 (UTC)



Less anxious today, which is definitely nice. Woke up in the afternoon and had some fun with Pokémon Go and Sister got some driving practice in around the neighborhood. We got McDonald's for dinner because we're uncontrollable and even without the Pokémon prizes the chicky nuggies are good.

My cat's still sick, which is not great. Not super sick, I don't think, just nauseous still. And he doesn't want to hang out in my bed like normal which makes a bit of sense because it IS like 4.5 feet in the sky. My "good thing" through this mess - those kittens I mentioned? - one of them ended up fading away, so...Yeah. But to stay positive, the other kittens are indeed still adorable.

Took another Spanish exam today and I feel kind of okay about it? I know food better than I knew the other stuff we've been tested on, so I hope that worked out in my favor. Got to talk about eating shrimp - yum yum

Guess I'm going to sleep with no kitty cuddles tonight :'(

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