taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-03-14 10:34:50 (UTC)

the lost hour

what becomes of the hour that is lost to daylight saving? are they collected at the bottom of the universe, like the tray collecting soda cans in a vending machine? crack one open to enjoy a free 60 minute span. nothing refreshes like it! we zip forward in time from 2 - 3 instantly, but if a baby is born on exactly at 2:01 on such a day, does the baby even exist?? is the lost hour the perfect time to do crime? the timelines, they'll never hold up in court. "the defendant gullotine'd beez jeffos at 2:22am but it was actually 3:22am?? whaaat. makes absolutely zero factual sense. case dismissed".

the truth is, nobody really knows. but more accurately, time is a construct. another vain attempt to quantify and make sense of a complex concept by slapping numbers and timex logo on it. the past, the future, it's all "the present", it's just a matter of perspective. hours are make believe. but, but u do feel the effects of that lost hour for like a week after. there's nothing realer than trying to get up at 7a the monday after d