Living Without Lighting
2021-03-14 08:36:05 (UTC)


I'm back, I didn't mean to take such a long exodus however I haven't had as much time for this diary as I usually do. Not only have I been busy with school, but I've officially been getting my sleep schedule back on track. Just two days ago, I managed to fall asleep at 2am! While I understand this is still outlandishly late for some people, for a night owl like me it was quite the success.

On the other hand, there have been issues which I feel cannot be put in a diary that's meant to be public. Not that it's necessarily private or deviant, but I don't think they're worth chronicling without using the actual names of the people and places in said events. If I were to document all my life experiences completely with pseudonyms, I'd reach a point where I wouldn't even be able to recognize what I was talking about. Maybe I'll have to open a private journal elsewhere, one that's really meant for me and allows me to reflect more on my day-to-day experiences. Wouldn't it be nice though if this website gave you the option to toggle publicity on each individual entry?

While I won't be specific, I'm really looking forward to college in the fall. Getting out of this miserable town and back onto the open road will give me some perspective, and with the company of like-minded peers I'll be able to reinvent myself. All I know is that once I leave I don't want to ever come back. I want to finally start living my life the way I truly want to live it.

That's all for now. Until next time, which will ideally be sooner than the last.