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2021-03-13 23:38:54 (UTC)

It's True....

It is true, the virtue of allowing life's flow to bring your intentions to you unexpectedly does craft itself. It's when you stop focusing as much, but it lingers in the back of your mind, becoming an ingrained part of your sub-conscious, still there but not at the forefront of your mind. A portion of you, your hopes, wishes, and dreams are just drifting in the ether and far recesses of your mind. Previously, you thought by focusing all your energy and time would bring about this invisible force of progress, actual manifestations of your desires and dreams, or even to the stretch of removing your fears.

But you see, in my experience. The only focus you need in achieving your goals and dreams is motivation, with motivation follows dedication, and an imprint in your psyche nests itself to keep going, which leads to a need that pinches at your mind to tell yourself, "Go on, get on with it. If you don't, you've stepped no further." Which follows the sense of comfort you feel once you've completed that extra step towards your goals and dreams. But I digress; there are different times to focus and other times to allow it to sit there in its bow wrapped box, positively awaiting its turn to step into your reality and surprise you. Some call it destiny. I prefer to call it "You" because rightly so, you made it happen, whether you sat back and ached for wanting it or actively found ways to search for it. However, searching never finds it; ignoring it doesn't either, but both hold power because you thought it. The feeling was the same in both avenues. You wanted it just as much; you felt you needed it just as much. You birthed its existence, and because of this, it became a need in your sub-conscious and a powerful one.

The time comes when all that energy of your dream, the hope, the wish becomes a distant aching in the recesses of your mind, but every time you felt that need, the thought would come racing back. It's still there, but you pass it off and carry on. You begin to let go of that thought once again, and you start to focus on something reachable, a new hobby, a friend, an interest, and that becomes your new focus, yet all the while, that aching has become a minor niggle. Your new focus has expanded, your happy, you are getting on with life with the things, and people you know are solid, reliable, and authentic.

And when you least expected it, an opportunity arises, one that you don't recognize as an opportunity at first. You go with the flow and hold no expectations because you do not even understand or identify this opportunity as anything connected to your dream, hopes, or wishes. As time passes and you integrate more into this new opportunity, invest more energy into it, then abruptly you begin to feel that minor niggle become an aching once again. Gradually, little by little, that thought returns, and you begin to become aware of the similarities in this new opportunity and your dream, hopes, or wishes. Time advances further, and the deeper you invest in it, the more you realize the opportunity marries up uncannily with your dream, hope, or wish. Your aching begins to burn, not with pain but igniting your soul from a tiny flame into a raging fire. Your whole being encapsulates everything this new opportunity brings to you, and you feel incredible, slightly in awe. You begin to question yourself, "Is this it?" and "Has it found me?" and "How can it be when I did nothing to warrant it?" over and over, you ponder in your silent thoughts.

The reality is accurate; the dream, hope, or wish emerges, manifesting itself into an opportunity, one that you must now choose on—even with your doubts, wondering how it can be real? How a single thought and need can manifest into a real spiritual human experience, baffles you and yet, there you are with it right in front of you. Needing you back as much as you wanted it there, and the choice of your thoughts is in your hands, to decide.

A decision that you created, a thought you manifested, a feeling, need, and want. It all began with just you, and just as you chose to make it, you also have the choice to accept it once it became real. The choice is simple because it comes straight from your soul. A choice you birthed in your need and wants, so indeed the answer is, "Yes", isn't it? Well, why would you cheat your truth? It is the most authentic of all.

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