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me and my life
2021-03-13 09:34:44 (UTC)

A Life Update

Whats new??? well, nothing is new as such. We are at home mom and I. Sister had visited us few days back. She left and we both are leading our lives. Mom is still not completely well. she complains about her weird feeling in head, neurologist has prescribed her few meds but it seems they are not working well as it should he asked to have some patience. her health really stresses me in a bad way. I feel so sad and bad for her. Her whole body system needs to be fixed. Its her time to enjoy her free time but..... I don't know when things will get fine.
I am still finding jobs doesn't seems to be getting any sooner as nothing is lined up. I'm on OkCupid made a friend and talking to him is a bit calm, he is a positive person. well, but I do not expect anything from him or that app. its just for fun and something new.
baki just bored as hell.....nothing to do am wasting my life like nothing. what else is there to look.
I sometimes reminisce my old life 2019 i had a good life like kya din the yaarrrr.... offc, money, love life, social life, outings, parents health wow it feels like a dream now. i just like shit shit how did i lose it all I mean all everything. how on this is it possible mannnn.... shit i lost it all...
i miss him but not as much as before. but i do remember few things abt us like eating in one plate, making food, shake for each other. feeding each other, getting ready together ahhhh.... kya din the yaar i was so lucky back then. ill always value things i have in life now and in future.