This Is It - 2021
2021-03-12 00:00:00 (UTC)

Vigilant Vampire


Today was a high paranoia day. Haven't had a Real one of those in a while. Had a nightmare last night that just would not leave the back of my mind. And when I say paranoia I mean like. Real paranoia. But it's not bad, especially not during the day. Well. Usually.

Had an appointment with a new doctor today - That was fun. They scheduled my appointment for the end time of their lunch break so I did just sit outside their door for a little bit but whatever. I messed around with the nearby Pokéstop while I waited. I'm old enough now that they ask if I'm married or have children as part of my checkup questions, which is still wild to me. Doctor suggested I get some blood work done, which I thought could be good too. It's not like I'm nervous about needles at all, with the amount of ones I've been stabbed with. Still fun to joke about vampires stealing my blood though. The lab worker said I have, and I quote, "teeny tiny veins." I thought all veins were teeny...

One of my dogs decided he was not okay with my turtle and cat having the attention on them because they are sick/potentially sick, so he decided to act up too. I'm not gonna write his thing out specifically until I talk to my mom about it but just... Can ANY of these animals just chill. Just a little bit. Just a teeny tiny bit. Please.

Can I at least chill in my dreams please

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