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2021-03-12 22:05:29 (UTC)

I'm so stupid sometimes 🙄

Today after gym class, I almost forgot I had a home termite inspection. Barely made it home it time and a few min later, the landlord and the termite inspector came in. It was a lady inspector and as I let them in, I just plopped on my sofa to watch some tv. It was the History Channel and Ancient Aliens was on. Inspector said "Oh, what an interesting station. You interested in ancient structures?" I said meh, just watching something G rated while you folks are here. Anyway, she went inspecting the place with my Landlord and she came back around and asked if I was (insert race here) and I replied yes I am. She then said she can tell because of my accent. Uh, sorry ma'am. I don't have one. I do have one from living in Hawaii but we have a strange pigeon language there so if anything, I may sound like that but no way could she tell what race I was from me speaking. I didn't say this of course. Just thought it. That's when it hit me that she has my name on the inspection sheet so that is why she brought that up. Anyway, later I saw them again in the hallway because I had to pee. Came out of the bathroom and she asked if I lived alone. I rolled my eyes and said yes, it was not always like this in case you're wondering why I'm in a three bedroom home by myself but you know... life issues.

She then said she'll be doing the outside house inspection and I said "have at it". So while she was outside doing her inspection, my landlord said "Hey, she has the hots for you. She is paying more attention to you than the inspection for the house". That's when it hit me that she was hitting on me. I didn't see that. Doh!!!! I'm so stupid. No wonder I'm alone right now. Can't see some stuff if it hits me in the face. Oh well. Whatever. hehe.

After they left, my Amazon package came. It's that muscle massager and I have to say, I don't know why I didn't get something like this sooner. It's awesome. It has attachments for every part of your body. A big ball shaped thing for you bigger muscles like my hamstrings and quads. A flat roundish coin shaped thing that's perfect for your abs. Then there is a prong thing which is perfect for my shoulders. Then there is this nub like a thumb that's perfect for the arches of my feet. It feels so good. A massage that I so badly needed. And in case your curious, yup, I experimented with going down South on myself. It felt weird. Never was into anything like this before but I know women have vibrators so why knock it right? But meh.. not my thing. Then it sort of slipped and went down to my two...nuggets?hehe. That's when the pain shot into my body like I got kicked by a horse. So... curiosity has been fulfilled. Not gonna do that again anytime soon or ever. Unless of course I all of a sudden have a fetish to get my nuggets kicked by a horse then I'll know how to achieve that for sure. 🥶 Anyway, buy this and thank me later.

It's a little after 9PM now. Still haven't had dinner. I think it's a cheat day today so I'm picking up a pizza I think. Then it'll be pizza and wine watching something on Netflix. Good night for now diary.

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