Carrie notes
2021-03-12 03:37:48 (UTC)

Responsible Adult

Last year I reached out for help for a lot of issues I have had in my life.
1. Relationship issues
2. Payee issues
3. Mental health issues
Until a year ago I never really asked for help. I thought I had been making some improvements. As part of my program to become my own payee I have been learning to set boundaries. Which on Tuesday I did and I was called a fucking pig for doing so.
I'm sorry but I clean my house and take care of my cats. For someone to invite themselves for 2 nights in a row and basically not accept my cats as well as myself I have a right to ask them to leave. I should not be made to feel bad because I asked someone to leave after they made me uncomfortable in my own home.
1. I went with out sleep for 2 nights
2. I couldn't talk to my neighbors without this person having a problem.
3. Couldn't even watch the news or other programs on my TV without rude and off the wall comments
So to tell someone my kindness, hospitality, and patience had come to an end I felt was more than fair.