La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-03-03 15:48:00 (UTC)

life feels a little normal once again.

I needed 660 dllrs that I didn't have to get certified to be able to get paid as a motivational speaker. And I figured it out. So today I finished selling 7 hammocks total, with an amazing extra income for me. This will be part of the money I will use to go see my family in a couple of months, am also begining to work on some of my most important goals, with this certification it's an open oportunity to do so much for others and myself. Such as educate people on health problesm and emotional probles etc. Benn super busy but so very excited to be doing this again.
I had been a little depressed but am feeling like myself again after battling covit etc. Life feels a littl enormal once again.