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2021-03-11 10:12:48 (UTC)

Desserts and telework ☺️

I have friends at the gym that sometimes give stuff to other gym peeps. Once I brought baby back ribs to a few of them. This week, I got dessert from a few of them. One Indian lady gave me an Indian dessert dish that was pretty awesome. Semi sweet with a lot of different ingredients. Then this filipino lady made a filipino dessert dish that needs to be served hot. It's like a beef stew but instead of beef and gravy, it's all sweet stuff with little flour balls in them too. It's so tasty and soft when I get this part. This dessert is filled with all kinds of sweet ingredients that again was tasty and for sure not recommended food for gym member. I still have some left so those two dishes should last me the week. Gym peeps are so nice to me. I enjoy classes more because of them and the chatter during work outs.

Gym class has changed too. We are no longer stuck in our little 6'x6' square. We now have stations we rotate to. This means we get to touch TRXs, barbells, weight benches, etc, etc. I for sure gosh darn love it!!!! 😍😍 The workout was much better. We still have to wear face masks and wipe down our station with clorox wipes but that's ok. Today, I feel pain all over my body and I love it. That means class was good. Class yesterday was for upper body and it was one of the best classes I've had in months!!

Today at work, we found out that we have to clear out of our current building. They will have to move our desktops somewhere and it looks like we will not be going back to work physically anytime soon. Even after all is said and done and Covid is in control, we won't be going physically back to work 100% of the time and you know what? That's fine with me. Working in PJs and my hair being a mess in the morning makes it easier for me. hehe.

I got invited to a birthday party from one of my gym peeps and it was an all ladies event. Heidi is also friends with this lady. Found out some of the guys complained because they can't go but I can. It's a winery so I'd love to go but to keep the peace, I probably won't go. I do have another invite to go to breakfast this Saturday with the gym peeps after out morning class.

Funeral for my friend is for this Sunday. He was one of the meetup friends and we're a big group of about 500. Many don't attend events anymore so we're down to about 250 maybe? Anyway, It's for this Sunday from 10:30-2PM and I'll attend. Not good with funerals so I'll have dark shades on. Probably get loaded up with a lot of wine afterwards.

On a lighter note, I found my gopro5. Of all places, it was in the other spare bedroom in the snack tray! WTH was I thinking? So now I have two go pros. A GoPro 5 and 9. Sigh...But I'm loving the new one. It has more bells and whistles that I have no clue on how to use at the moment. hehe🤷🏽‍♂️

Otherwise, life is good. Can't complain. Trying my best to hold off from buying anything expensive. Staying away from drama as best I can. Not quite the land of rainbows and unicorns but it'll do for now 🦄

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