This Is It - 2021
2021-03-10 00:00:00 (UTC)

It's A Mess, Honestly


Finally discharged my sister's succulent from the succy hospital and replanted him in his new pot. I don't know what caused both of them to get sick like that out of nowhere when they were fine for so many months. I didn't think I changed anything? But now I'm keeping a closer eye on them. (And my turtle. And my cat now, seeing as he's been throwing up these past couple days.) @The Universe can I have just a little bit of chill? Just a smidge?

And of course, knowing me, I absolutely smashed the top of my head into a wall right before writing this while bending over to pick something up. So now I feel like I have to stay up and make sure my head calms down and I don't go to bed with a headache - Everything I have heard Ever says that's a terrible idea.

Had more horror-based dreams, but this time I was facing down Elias/Jonah instead of any of the more...obviously terrifying terrors. And it was almost as frightening as my flesh hive dreams. Certainly tenser. Trying to collect and burn files sneakily while a man who is a hair away from omniscience and can throw all of your trauma back at you as a punishment is a bit nerve-wracking, big surprise.

I wonder what my cat dreams about...