taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-03-10 20:44:28 (UTC)

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news & notes:

- i am high as f currently

- went out for a scoot about town this afternoon, like a good hearty scoot. for the first time this yr (2021). there's something about that first double digit weather day that almost gives you hope for the future.

thinking about the meme i saw today --- me when the temperature finally rises above 10 degrees (celsius): i am no longer mentally ill. am cry

- and speaking of climate change , tomorrow is slated to be the hottest march 11th locally since records began. i can think of no better way to (celebrate) one yr of the pandemic being declared than with the hottest that day ever. #frequencyandseverity.

- snow levels taking a big dent this week. you love to see it *scooter manuverability intensifies*.

- got a big bag of mcdonald's sandwiches. mostly junior chickens. recommend.

- still avoiding texts and calls and people generally. who needs that hassle, am i right?!

- fantasy week chugging along nicely. top 5 pace i reckon. 36th out of 193 now. on the main page of the leaderboard now, which is what matters.

- oh ah. If I post right now it's 4:20 EST.
well, 4:23. 👌👌👌


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