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2033-01-10 18:41:00 (UTC)

Drink Or Dare New Segment on Friends Thurs:

Aired: February 10, 2033
2 People at a time:
6 Rounds
Round 1: Tony Robeldo vs Dayan L
Winner: Dayan L
Round 2: Marga Redona vs Jovanne R
Tie Breaker: Marga and Jovanne
Winner: Marga Redona
Round 3: Geovanna G vs Alex M
Winner: Geovanna G
Round 4: Azul A vs Andrea Leal
Winner: Andrea Leal
Round 5: Rolando R vs Valerie Reyer
Winner: Valerie Reyer
Round 6: Chris M vs Diana M
Winner: Chris M

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