London Life
2021-03-10 18:06:51 (UTC)

Tuesday - Hampstead Heath

Didn’t wake until 09:20, so I had nine hours sleep. Hard to get down to work so soon after sleep. I got going on an article, mainly because I thought it was Wednesday, the last day before the deadline. I got a lavish British grounds book through the post, which I won from entering a competition, using my maiden name. Some great pictures of Scottish churches and English hillsides.

Went on a trail run in the evening, as part of my ultra training. I didn’t wear my trail shoes as they were a bit stiff form previous mud and I wasn’t sure about running 17km in them, or running the distance to the Heath along roads, so my new running shoes got muddy for the first time. I went round Parliament Hill and tried to run round the edge of the Heath, but after getting to Kenwood I got stuck in an enclosed area. I then tried to veer West but soon got back to Parliament Hill, making the Heath seem quite small. But I could have gone further West if I knew more about where I was going. To add a bit of distance I did some extra bits at Parliament Hill fields and also at Primrose Hill.

While running I was listening to a further episode about British fascism, covering the BNP, as well as 'The Week In Westminster'. I've given up on the Radio One Future Artists programme because of Jack Saunders' shouting. He sounds quite nice when he talks properly, then he starts shouting for no obvious reason, even when asking listeners to write in. It was so good last week when there was a stand-in from Radio London.