Living Without Lighting
2021-03-10 09:29:19 (UTC)

The Cellular Proposition

I'd first like to start this entry off by noting that I'm listening to a pleasant rainfall outside my window while writing this. I've really started to become quite the diarist, haven't I?

Today's closing shift was uneventful, and slightly irritating. I had to deal with a manic shopper, and after ten minutes of scanning what must've been around fifty items, she only then realized she had lost her credit card. She hobbled out of the store, promising to come back with it only to never return. Thus, leaving me with an extra cart full of go-backs. In addition, what I thought would be a relaxing thirty minutes of bullshitting while my manager did his stuff turned out to be awkward instead. A cleaning crew that's working overnight came in, and while there's usually only one manager that does his stuff in the cash office we had two extra patrolling the store and assisting the cleaners. As a result, I had to spend the last thirty minutes of my shift awkwardly walking around the store, looking for stuff to do.

On a more intriguing note, the call that I received the other day wasn't from my dreaded codependent devotee, but rather instead from a man I reestablished acquaintances with a few weeks back. He runs a liquor store I used to frequent back when I did bowling, and a few weeks ago I decided to drop by and ask if he had a job opening. Needless to say, he called again today and he does have one.

Now I can't remember exactly whether I was still smoking or not when I talked to him, but ever since I quit weed I've felt more ambitious with my occupational goals than I did before. If there's anything I've learned from my crummy retail job, it's that I DON'T want to continue working around that sort of environment nor people. I'd like to get a more professional, and even challenging position, like at an electronics store or some sort of service position before I go off to college. Working at a liquor store would only be a downgrade. However, a few months back this wasn't the case, as my pot-fogged mind believed the ideal workspace would be one where I didn't have to do anything at all. Either way, this mindset has now bit me in my ass, for now I'm expected to come in Saturday evening to get some "on-the-job" experience and see if I like it or not. Best case scenario, I've found myself a gig to do on the side while I work at my current job and make extra money as a result. However, I'd really like to get my foot in the door at some more professional establishments instead, for the sake of my own work experience and ethic. I don't need to spend anymore time around boozers.

Either way, that's all for today. Saturday will make for an interesting entry, that's for sure. Until next time.