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2021-03-10 02:15:24 (UTC)

Dead friend's kids 🤷🏽‍♂️

Heidi wanted to talk to me and so she suggested dinner. She was close to the guy that passed away and she was talking about his older Daughter. I had already told the teen that she could live with me if she'd like to and she said thank you. Anyway, Heidi wanted to take care of the girl because she was family to them. Now she's hurt that this girl decided to live with someone that she doesn't know too well but is secure financially. She feels hurt and for all the hard work she did, she feels bad because the girl picked this other couple to live with in lieu of her. But it was our friend's choice as a Dad and he got this couple to agree to take care of his kiddo should something happened to him.

Told Heidi that I knew how she felt but she got zero blood relations so hurtful as it feels, she just gotta let it go. She knows about my situation so I told her that I know exactly how she feels and to add a few years of suffering to that feeling and then she'll know how I feel. Zero blood relation is zero blood relation meaning she got no say in it. The blood relations to that girl gets to select her future. I told her I knew how she felt and I know her hurt is real. This is where you need to let it go.

Friend with a stroke is doing a little better. He can stand now where he couldn't even do that a few months ago. But man, last time I saw him, he looked terrible. Poor guy. We won so many dart tournaments in the past at Vegas as a team. How many amateur regionals and world tournaments did we win? It was awesome how we both were dart rock stars at one point. Those days are gone but it felt just like it was only a few months ago. I loved the thrill of victory. Some of those shots I shot was dang sick!! I'd do it in a tournament but when I went home to try replicating my throw, I couldn't. It's like I willed my darts to land where they supposed to go.

Ok, getting late. 1:30 AM and I now feel exhausted. Need some sleep. G-night diary.

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