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I Hate Middle School
2021-03-10 02:27:08 (UTC)

Another World... An Escape

Hello again,

I'm sorry I write so much... I've just been feeling depressed lately so I came here so at least I know that someone knows how I feel. My mom does have me seeing a counselor but I've only gone twice now and I really don't want to think I need anyone to listen to me. I'm such a sensitive person and I hate it but I guess I'll get into that later on in my diary. So I've noticed that all my favorite shows are about ghosts, magic, and monsters along with characters who have some sort of emotional trauma. For example my 4 favorite shows; Last Kids On Earth, Marvel's Spiderman (2017), Stranger Things, and Supernatural... I don't know why but I'd kill to be in any of their worlds. They've got the weight of the world on their shoulders and a real reason to feel that way I guess. I think I like those specific shows because they have the adventure and risk I want plus characters I can relate to. Or maybe it's not that I can relate to them but it's because I can get attached to them. I think that's probably the case because I get attached to characters in 3 episodes at most and once I get attached to them they're all I can think about. At school, in bed, on bike rides, heck even in the shower! I honestly care for them more than myself and my friends and even my family. All my free time is spent watching the show and it just takes over my life for the time being. Why do I love their world so much and reality so little? Right now I just want to end it all right here and right now just to hope I could be reborn in a world like theirs but still, I could never ever do that. But once again part of it is that I'd miss the ending of the show. I don't know what I'm thinking its too late for this, -_- goodnight