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2021-03-09 14:27:52 (UTC)

My loving boss...NOT!!! 🤯

So of all days, my immediate supervisor decides to give me crap. His normal thing is to micro manage people, lie, and say hypocritical things. Well, today he was extra.....juicy in those traits and I didn't enjoy it at all. Made me look at other groups within my Data center and put out feelers. One manager said he'd love to have me with all the knowledge and skills that I have. So there you go. Seed has been planted. When an opening pops up, he will let me know. That was not enough to quench my tad bit of frustration so I submitted a day off on Friday and the following Monday. Pfffft!! That calmed me down immediately. I haven't had days off in a long time. I guess the time I had surgery was time off but not quite the same as just having a vaca day off. Not when you're bleeding everywhere anyway. hehe

I have a thing to teach my team on how to build something in the cloud. An Azure environment. That's a Microsoft thang. Sounds so high tech huh? Pfft, again, when they say cloud, it pretty much means someone else's computer. But it's a thing that not everyone in life does so if it's a rare weird skill, you get paid a lot to do it. Just a few clickitty-clackitty keyboard entries and voila!!! You built something cool and get paid a lot for it. It was much harder finding fight combos on my Playstation back in the day when I used to play games. 🤪

Got details for my friend's funeral service. It's this Sunday and I'll be there. Hi daughter texted me the info. I also told her that if she wanted to, she can stay with me till she get's her self together, graduates high school or just recoup from all of this. All free and she will have a roof over her head and she won't go hungry. But I told her to sort just get through this first and I'm sure I'm not the only choice so put that on a back burner and think about it later later. She thanked me and that was that.

Today's gym will be or should be Tabata Tuesday. Yesterday was heavy on the arms and shoulders. Should be a good day to build up my happy chemicals in my body to keep me somewhat relaxed. Gonna put in a little extra to compensate for my Boss's challenging behavior.