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2021-03-09 03:05:17 (UTC)

Life does go on... 😥

Well, one of my meetup friends died today. Knew him for 10 years at least. I guess that's a crappy way to start a post. I didn't know till I got home after the gym. We weren't the closet of friends but when we were hanging out together, we got along just fine. He's the one that finally got an apt. His family and others helped get him a place for him and one of his daughters. He has another one but she's living with her Mom.

He's the one that I got groceries for when he first moved into his new apt. Finally got out of living in his car. It was pretty cold this winter too and I didn't know he lived in his car till Heidi told me about it. And that was the day she told me he got an apt. Anyway, he's dead. Died sitting up on the sofa just like the way he normally sleeps from what I heard. I offered to take her in till she graduates but I don't know if she'll want to hang with me. I do have 3 bedrooms to myself and I feel sorry for her now. Not sure what she'll be doing. Maybe staying with Heidi till she graduates? She is a Senior in High school so just another year and she'll be an adult. The offer is there if she choses to.

I at least don't feel too awful. I mean I do because he passed away but at least I didn't fight with my friend before he died or anything like that that would make me feel like crap now. Nope, I got him and his kiddo groceries and some house stuff. Some clothes since I was told they had nothing. So I got them pots and pans, towels, and clothes that still had the tag on them that I never used. Poor guy. I heard he suffered too with not being able to breath very well. He was stubborn and people noticed he was sick but he said he was ok and didn't want to go to the hospital. Poor guy. Big mistake and it was a fatal mistake. But then again, his spirits were broken. He's been suffering for a long time now. We're talking years now. He was supposed to pass away years ago but he kicked butt and kept on going. Sad to see him go. Well, I offered to let his daughter finish out her high school here and she can stay with me for free till she graduates and figures out what she wants to do.

In lighter news, My friend came back from working in another Country. He's a dev ops guy so he knows his IT stuff for sure. Kicks my butt in skills and makes probably double what I make since he's in private industry. I had a choice and decided to go with security and less hrs a week so I chose to do that instead. Quality of life in lieu of the super-duper buku-bucks.

Gym was good today. More arms and shoulder work once again. I'm finally starting to see a little something-something on my arms and shoulders. I'm sorta liking the results. I should. Had many many months of sore muscles aching so many many days. It better be paying off a little. Instead of having Sponge Bob arms and shoulders. I've improved a bit. Now I have arms and shoulders like Sponge Bob's older brother. 😁

I had extra energy today since I had a rest day from the gym on Sunday. Felt much better when I get an extra day of rest. No rest for the rest of this week though. Gonna hit CrossFit classes till Sat and Sunday will be my first rest day. I may take a break on Friday maybe. Keep it a 5 days this week. We'll see. Gym has been such a blessing keeping me calm, relaxed, and overall happy. I know if I wasn't hitting gym class, I wouldn't be as happy. Been reading a few posts and there are a lot of very unhappy, sad, and depressed peeps on here. I feel bad for them. I was there too. And it doesn't matter if they are in a relationship or not. Strange reading about it actually. Sad for being alone and feeling trapped, sad, and frustrated when living with someone.

I now know life is a miracle. People feeling worthless and suicidal. I guess I shouldn't talk. Felt like that in the past too. But imagine this. The chances of you being born as "you" are millions to one!! Mom's egg? Ok, yeah that's not too bad as far as odds. Once a month another new egg comes out. You happen to be the right egg to be here on earth now. But as far as Dad's tadpole? There are millions I think and for you to be you was a million to one shot. So here you are. Bored, depressed, sad, and maybe hurting? But look at the odds that you already beat. That tadpole was in a pool of a million tadpoles and you already won the lotto by being born. Don't take it for granted and be thankful that just being born that you beat the odds. Go make something of your life.

I myself don't know where I'm headed in life. I could drop dead tomorrow too but I know this much. I will go down swinging because I know I've been given a chance to make an impact in life. Not gonna waste it.

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