Living Without Lighting
2021-03-09 08:52:30 (UTC)

Much A Day About Nothing

That's it. Nothing really happened today. I woke up at 12:30 still sedated by a late-taken sleeping pill, and after some leftover pizza I took my drone out for a joyride. However, whizzing around the trees behind my house is no longer as much fun as it used to be. If I want to take this hobby any farther and make something out of it, I've got to actually leave my house.

In other news, I spent the greater part of my evening playing Minecraft, and god, what a nostalgia trip that game is. No matter what my ex-bff or the other "grown-up" fuckboys in my life think about it, ten years later and that shit still holds up. Perhaps it's not as engaging or exciting as a first-person shooter, but once you get your mind set on a couple goals within the game time just slips away. It took me a break from my screen to realize just how many hours had passed, as by the time I was done playing it was completely dark outside my window and it was 10 at night. I had literally spent three hours of my life chipping away at digital blocks, and enjoyed every second of it.

As for the whole Premiere situation it's not a big deal, it's just that my computer has a hell of a time editing and working with 4k video. It'd be a much easier experience if I had shot my clips in 1080p, but when it comes to drone work anything shot below 4k is simply offensive. I could, of course, just build a new computer to edit with, but college is on the horizon and I've gotta make sure that I actually have some money to my name when I move across the state. For the time being, I'll have to make do what I can with my crummy laptop.

Either way, that's all I have to say. Feels good to write again. Until next time...