This Is It - 2021
2021-03-08 00:00:00 (UTC)

Lost (But Not Like The Show)


My mom forgot her work key today so I went to deliver it to her like the good eldest child I am, just to get lost MULTIPLE times on my way there. I got to see a really nice looking vintage gold truck with those old timey whitewall tires, which I see as a plus, but it was still a bit of a disaster. But I did eventually get the key to her so... success!

Bit preoccupied with worry at the moment - nothing immediately wrong (I hope), but someone randomly fainting isn't like. Normal or healthy, right? Not expecting y'all to play doctor here I'm just, as I said, a bit worried right now. They seemed alright after but...I think I'll feel better tomorrow when I hear they feel okay and got it checked out/talked through. Life's just making sure we stay up-to-par with our soap opera quota.

I'm going to focus on my cat instead. He's napping on the kitchen table while I type and sort of resting on my laptop and it's so cute. I'm so happy my cat loves me as much as I love him (or as much as he can as a little cat). My mom says he's spoiled rotten but it's not my fault he's so adorable and sweet and needy. He's too cute to say to (except when he tries to steal my peaches -.-)

Time to go banish my basking turtle from the night sun once again

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