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I Hate Middle School
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2021-03-09 05:34:39 (UTC)

I Couldn’t Agree More

Hi again,

Sorry that it’s like 12:45 AM right now I can never quite fall asleep. Anyways I just want to tell everyone (specifically a new friend of mine) about love. They were right it really does hurt, especially when you can’t seem to feel it... It’s been a while since I’ve really loved anyone. I barely even think about my family and friends anymore. All my friends are getting boyfriends and having crushes and I don’t get it at all! I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I don’t understand any of it. My best friend Kiara gets a love confession like once a week and soon enough she’s gunna run out of boys! All the popular girls are talking about how their 4th boyfriend this year cheated on them again and how they’re going to find a new one soon but I just don’t get how they could even do that. Do they even truly love them or do they just like the idea of growing up too fast? My one friend Avery has faked having a boyfriend twice now with the same kid! Plus I’m good friends with that kid so what is she even thinking! She’s also had like 3 other “boyfriends” before him even though that’s elementary! While I’m on the topic of her and her fake boyfriend I guess I should mention the drama she started over him too. For background knowledge we all went to different schools until 3rd grade when we got put into an excel program that made us switch schools. So my “friend” Avery likes Michal right? Well so does my other “friend” Olivia and you know what happens when two girls like the same guy and one figure out. THEY START DRAMA. I don’t know who started it first but Avery started to talk shit about Olivia to me and everyone else and Olivia did the same to Avery and I didn’t want to pick sides so I just kind of ignored it but it always catches up to you eventually so when the time I got coughs up right in the center of it. Honestly I hated picking sides and I just couldn’t so I made the decision to become a third party with Michael. I got his number and we started talking. No crush or anything just complaining about drama and grades and other kid stuff. Now that I think about it I haven’t talked to him in a while so I’ll have to text him after school tomorrow so I’ll tell you how that goes. Anyways I wish I could give you an end to that story but I’m still stuck in the middle of it all. The latest thing to happen was when me and Avery were talking in the halls. She told me that back in their old school Olivia stole all of her friends and turned them against her. Apparently Olivia told Averys best friend that she thought Avery was a bitch. If it is true what was Olivia thinking talking shit about someone to their best friend! Avery said that I shouldn’t talk to Olivia anymore because she’ll just try to turn me away too. I don’t know what to do with them two. I’m Averys moving schools next year and I’ve been distant with Olivia for a while so I’m thinking of just forgetting them both. This is stupid elementary school drama and I don’t want any part of it so they either leave me out of it or we can’t be friends anymore! I’m so sorry that this turned into a rant but I guess I needed to tell someone who isn’t a piece of paper in my diary or my cat so thanks for listening if anyone is. I’ll write again soon.

~Gentleman :/