London Life
2021-03-08 22:53:10 (UTC)

The Hill

Didn't get to sleep until after 04:00, I just didn't feel tired. Listened to the Amazing Chart while I checked with Christina that she'd be taking over the Inbox.

We had a team meeting in the afternoon in which my boss had to ask what we thought of him. I started by saying I pick up on his errors, so it wasn't sypothamptic, but later said no we weren't over-managed, I did know where I could make my own decisions, and I told the story about my old boss (who my new boss was boss of) giving me a task and then doing it himself. Today's chat did make me want to take a tiny bit more thought over little things, which would make it look as if I cared a lot more. It followed a talk from JC last week, giving a lot of laboured analogies about her cat. I couldn't remember anything about the message from her talk. Janine is getting annoying, trying to run the rule over her simple table, trying to explain things as if it was something complicated. I get on with her socially, we dud the York trip together, but at work she's a bit ridiculous.

I wasn't enthusiastic about going to help at the Angel today, I was only going as I wanted to meet a new girl, Laura. I was already a bit late because of the work meeting, I had to pull a brake cable through and re-tighten it, but the whole thing collapsed at the front, and then the wheel stuck. I'll get Jack to look at it, but I couldn't make the Angel.

This should have meant I could do my hill run in daylight, but I had to sort out some Radio 4 programmes to load on my headphones (a 3-part history of British fascism) and I had some marinated tofu on bread, so it was almost dark when I left.

I took the more gradual Primrose Hill slope first, came back round for the steep ascent, which I did in one go, decided to come up again, and afterwards still felt I had plenty of running on me to make it up to 8km.

I went on the laptop and listened to some not-quite favourite tunes from February, we had some mushriom pasta which was part of a big ready-meal order from a second supplier, and watched another railway architecture programme, about the Ffestiniog mountain railway and the Marylebone hotel.