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I Hate Middle School
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2021-03-08 19:37:48 (UTC)

Im Sorry Addison TUT

Hello again,

For background info, I play the violin because we are required to take one form of music in my grade. Ok so I was about halfway through the day when I realized I forgot my violin at home and I wasn’t too worried but I knew that my teacher would be mad. Later on in the day I started to get more nervous until I got into class, my teacher was saying how if you forget your instrument multiple times and make it a habit you will start to get behavior slips. I’m not exactly a goodie two shoes but I’m secretive when I break the rules and I hate getting called out for when I do stuff so hearing this gave me a heart attack because I forgot my violin once the last week. So my mind was all over h to e place but then I thought of an idea that would get me out of trouble... What if I stole someone else’s violin while they weren’t in class. At first I thought it was crazy but when she said go get your instruments I freaked out and got up from my seat. I waited until everyone else got their instrument then I picked one out with the same rental case as me. But then I realized it was way to small and was probably someone smalls’ viola so I put it back and panicked. I honestly felt like I was gunna puke and I was the only one still at the instrument cabinets so I managed to fumble around and grab the biggest violin case there was and go back to my seat. I felt bad for taking their instrument but at the same time I was relieved that I wasn’t going to get in trouble. All was fine until we had to open our cases. I was scared but I opened mine up to find the most discounting smell ever! If you’ve ever tasted warm Canada Dry that’s lost every last bubble of carbonation, that’s how it smelled. Except a bit worse Xb. Other than the smell though it was alright. At the end of class when putting the violin back I realized there was a name tag that read Addison D***. So Addison, I’d just like to say thank you, whoever you are, for unknowingly helping me get away with this shit.