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2021-03-08 22:02:11 (UTC)

Women's Day

One of the Instagram posts I came across was of a photographer I follow. She posted a video compilation of gorgeous models in alluring and sexy face shots to the background music of one of Rhianna’s songs, only to then have words that say all women are beautiful no matter their shape/size. That is, by all means, sickeningly hypocritical, and I was so tempted to slip into the comment section and make a note of that. See, I understand reality. I’m not an idiot. I know women with looks are primitively more superior to women who aren’t blessed with those genetic traits. Just don’t lie to me, don’t try to sell me this load of crap of a delusion. I’d rather accept my lot as quickly as possible and focus on what I can actually do. Don’t go around using the word beautiful when you don’t actually know how to apply it, or are too PC about.

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