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I Hate Middle School
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2021-03-08 01:11:42 (UTC)

Hello I guess

Hello world,

So I guess I should probably introduce myself to you few people who are unlucky enough to find my diary. My name is “Gentleman” although I am female and I'm about halfway done with 6th grade at the time I'm writing this (I'll introduce you to my family and friends later). My favorite subject at the moment is Language arts. If you couldn't tell already I love writing and getting lost in the research. I also love to read, especially books about the paranormal and about kids in middle school. My favorite books are things like Sisters, Ghost, Dork Diaries, Whish, and trapped in lunch lady land. I'm completely obsessed with the paranormal by the way. I love ghost hunting shows, MrBallen (youtube), Supernatural (Netflix), all scary, and lots of books about that stuff. I don't know why I've got such an obsession with it but it's a passion I'll never really get to do anything with. My favorite color is yellow, my favorite animal is my cat Gentleman, and my favorite musician is Melanie Martinez Honestly, I'm not a very interesting person so this is just kind of a way to talk about how my friends are interesting and how I'm not so I guess I'll tell you about them now.

Sister aka Hailey: We're your typical siblings always fighting about stupid stuff and she's always doing stupid shiz to annoy me. She's the younger one (2nd grade) and you know how they are. They get away with everything, are probably mom's favorite, and will rat on you for something you BOTH did 2 months ago just because they feel like getting you in trouble.
Mom: She's kind of a crabby old lady and sometimes I hate her with every bone in my body but other times she is nice and understanding. If you were to ask me my opinion on her I'd probably say she's an alright mom but not much else. She's got anger issues 100% and she's always "right".
Dad: Not to pick favorites but he's definitely my favorite out of everyone at home. I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite too just cause I'm the most tolerable. Were both artistic, have a lot of curiosity, and have the same dark sense of humor so I think I'm just the easiest to get along with.

Riley: She's been my best friend since 1st grade when she snuck into my backyard to play on my playground. We have the same humor, love of art, taste in music, she's the best thing to ever happen to me. Most people say that when you go into middle school you lose touch with a lot of your friends but we just got closer. She also has a lot of anxiety which gives me anxiety but I guess I'll talk about that later.
Kiarra: She's been my other best friend since 3rd grade, she used to hang out with Riley's twin but she slowly migrated towards being our friend, and now us three are practically inseparable. Kiarra has a lot less anxiety than me and Riley and she's like a flame if boys were moths. She has like 3 online right now and it seems like every other day she finds out a new boy has a crush on her. I'm not really into the whole boyfriend drama so I'm a 3rd person spectator of it all.
Avery: I've known her since 3rd grade and everyone who knows her hates her at least a little. She's super pretty but if you've ever heard the song Roxanne then that's pretty much what she'll be when she's older. She's faked having a boyfriend before and she's just kind of an annoying person to be around. Plus she's in a rush to get the "full middle school experience" talking shiz about people, having beef over a boy, all that jazz.