This Is It - 2021
2021-03-07 00:00:00 (UTC)

No see no sé


Okay. Remembering to type this up and POST when I'm done. Maybe if I make myself think about it right now before actually typing anything else out I won't forget. Maybe.

I can't see anything I'm typing right now - I took my glasses off to wash my face and it's drying and WOW I knew I could not see but this is BAD. I don't actually see the letters that are appearing on the screen, they're all just a single white line and that's with my face above the edge of my keyboard. Any further back and it's just. Nothing. (I'm going to go back through and proofread this before I post so it won't be the mess it probably originally once when other people see it) Weird that sometimes parts of your body just say. "Eh. No I don't feel like working anymore" They shouldn't be allowed to quit -.-

Tried one of those auto-generated prompts on here for some potential inspiration because I didn't do anything except go buy myself some fruity rum cocktail that I haven't actually drank yet and watch livestreams of a very pregnant cat that's fixing to give birth, but the prompt they gave me is "Who made you feel bad this week" so I'm thinking No on that. Think I'll just stick with my glasses rambling and call it a night.

My face is dry and my typing was not That Bad so shoutout to being practically raised on computers and learning how to type without having to look at the keys

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