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2021-03-07 15:10:44 (UTC)

I'm such a lightweight 😴

I recall to old days when I'd be up and ready to rock after a 2-3 hr sleep. I recall being in school and working full-time, I had 2.5 hr sleep in 3 days. I was hallucinating on the third day. Now? Pfffft!! I had 2.5 hrs sleep last night. Slept at 12:30AM till 3AM. We had a thing at work where we only could make the change this late due to it being intrusive. Worked till 8AM and decided to stay up since the day is starting. At least that was the plan. By 9AM? I was knocked the hell out!😴!! Woke up at 11AM and I'm ok now. I recall days when I could hold up better than I do now but nope, I've turned into a lightweight. It's an age thing so yeah, Millennials got me on this. But then again, I don't have a bachelors degree and ended up still living with parents and working at Starbucks so they can't tease me too much 😏.

Now I'm messing around with my Gropro 9. Had it for a week but didn't have time to mess around with it too much. Loaded the app on my smartphone so I'm mucking around with it. Can't believe a little point and shoot camera is so complicating. Good thing it isn't my first GoPro. My gopro5 is still MIA somewhere.

Also, I have to give up on my weight thing for now. I had a 33" waist but due to covid, I gained like 6-7 lbs. I'm no longer allowed to go to gym class early and stay late anymore so I'm slacking on my jump roping. My waist in an inch bigger now dang it!!! So I will have to just deal with it and get some pants that'll not make my face turn purple 🥴. My favorite shop "The Men's Warehouse" where I shop didn't survive Covid and closed down. We still have other locations open but I don't know where my favorite sales lady transferred to. At least I hope she transferred to a new store so I can go shopping at her new store location. She was very cool and helped not just fit me in my clothes but properly dressed me since I had no style. Well, I did but the 90s wanted their wardrobe back.

For now, gonna go look for some chinos and maybe some Dockers. That still a thing right? If not, I'll figure it out. Shirts surprisingly has been fitting ok. My shoulders are good at hiding my gut by being a little wider so it helps conceal my belly.

Bye for now diary. Fatty sigining off

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