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Marvel Contest Of Champions:

Shoutout Big Brother Season 4:
October 9, 2025:
Characters for each shown:
Some characters, such as The Collector, The Grandmaster, the Doombots, Adaptoids, Dark Phoenix, Jessica Jones, Lockjaw and Maestro, are non-playable, serving either as permanent bosses in the Story Quests, or as temporary opponents or allies in Event or Alliance Quests. Of the playable champions, ten were originally created for the game: Guillotine, Civil Warrior, King Groot, Morningstar, Symbiote Supreme, Sorcerer Supreme, Venom the Duck, Ægon, Guillotine 2099 and Storm (Pyramid X). In addition, there are seven playable trophy champions: Goldpool, Platinumpool, Kang, Thanos, Ultron (Classic), Iron Fist (Immortal) and Wolverine (Weapon X).

Abomination (Science)
Abomination (Immortal) (Science)
Ægon (Skill)
Air-Walker (Cosmic)
Agent Venom (Skill)
Angela (Cosmic)
Annihilus (Cosmic)
Ant-Man (Science)
Apocalypse (Mutant)
Archangel (Mutant)
Beast (Mutant)
Bishop (Mutant)
Black Bolt (Cosmic)
Black Panther (Skill)
Black Panther (Civil War) (Skill)
Black Widow (Skill)
Black Widow (Claire Voyant) (Mystic)
Black Widow (Deadly Origin) (Skill)
Blade (Skill)
Cable (Mutant)
Captain America (Science)
Captain America (Infinity War) (Science)
Captain America (WWII) (Science)
Captain Marvel (Cosmic)
Captain Marvel (Classic) (Cosmic)
Carnage (Cosmic)
The Champion (Cosmic)
Civil Warrior (Tech)
Colossus (Mutant)
Corvus Glaive (Cosmic)
Cosmic Ghost Rider (Cosmic)
Crossbones (Skill)
Cull Obsidian (Cosmic)
Cyclops (Blue Team) (Mutant)
Cyclops (New Xavier School) (Mutant)
Daredevil (Classic) (Skill)
Daredevil (Hell's Kitchen) (Skill)
Darkhawk (Tech)
Deadpool (Mutant)
Deadpool (X-Force) (Mutant)
Diablo (Mystic)
Doctor Doom (Mystic)
Doctor Octopus (Tech)
Doctor Strange (Mystic)
Doctor Voodoo (Mystic)
Domino (Mutant)
Dormammu (Mystic)
Dragon Man (Mystic)
Drax (Cosmic)
Ebony Maw (Mystic)
Electro (Science)
Elektra (Skill)
Elsa Bloodstone (Skill)
Emma Frost (Mutant)
Falcon (Skill)
Gambit (Mutant)
Gamora (Cosmic)
Ghost (Tech)
Ghost Rider (Mystic)
Goldpool (Mutant)
Green Goblin (Tech)
Groot (Cosmic)
Guardian (Tech)
Guillotine (Mystic)
Guillotine 2099 (Tech)
Gwenpool (Skill)
Havok (Mutant)
Hawkeye (Skill)
Heimdall (Cosmic)
Hela (Cosmic)
Hit-Monkey (Skill)
The Hood (Mystic)
Howard the Duck (Tech)
Hulk (Science)
Hulk (Immortal) (Science)
Hulk (Ragnarok) (Science)
Hulkbuster (Tech)
Human Torch (Science)
Hyperion (Cosmic)
Iceman (Mutant)
Invisible Woman (Science)
Iron Fist (Mystic)
Iron Fist (Immortal) (Mystic)
Iron Man (Tech)
Iron Man (Infinity War) (Tech)
Iron Patriot (Tech)
Joe Fixit (Science)
Jubilee (Mutant)
Juggernaut (Mystic)
Kang (Tech)
Karnak (Skill)
Killmonger (Skill)
King Groot (Cosmic)
Kingpin (Skill)
Korg (Skill)
Loki (Mystic)
Longshot (Mystic)
Luke Cage (Science)
Magik (Mystic)
Magneto (Mutant)
Magneto (House of X) (Mutant)
Man-Thing (Mystic)
Mangog (Mystic)
Masacre (Skill)
Medusa (Cosmic)
Mephisto (Mystic)
Mister Fantastic (Science)
Mister Sinister (Mutant)
M.O.D.O.K. (Science)
Mojo (Mystic)
Mole Man (Skill)
Moon Knight (Skill)
Mordo (Mystic)
Morningstar (Mystic)
Ms. Marvel (Cosmic)
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) (Cosmic)
Mysterio (Tech)
Namor (Mutant)
Nebula (Tech)
Nick Fury (Skill)
Night Thrasher (Skill)
Nightcrawler (Mutant)
Nova (Cosmic)
Odin (Cosmic)
Old Man Logan (Mutant)
Omega Red (Mutant)
Phoenix (Cosmic)
Platinumpool (Mutant)
Professor X (Mutant)
Proxima Midnight (Cosmic)
Psycho-Man (Tech)
Psylocke (Mutant)
Punisher (Skill)
Punisher 2099 (Tech)
Quake (Science)
Red Goblin (Cosmic)
Red Guardian (Science)
Red Hulk (Science)
Red Skull (Tech)
Rhino (Science)
Rocket Raccoon (Tech)
Rogue (Mutant)
Ronan (Cosmic)
Ronin (Skill)
Sabretooth (Mutant)
Sasquatch (Mystic)
Scarlet Witch (Classic) (Mystic)
Sentinel (Tech)
Sentry (Science)
She-Hulk (Science)
Silver Surfer (Cosmic)
Sorcerer Supreme (Mystic)
Spider-Gwen (Science)
Spider-Ham (Science)
Spider-Man (Classic) (Science)
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (Science)
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) (Tech)
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) (Skill)
Spider-Man (Symbiote) (Cosmic)
Squirrel Girl (Skill)
Star-Lord (Tech)
Storm (Mutant)
Storm (Pyramid X) (Mutant)
Stryfe (Mutant)
Sunspot (Mutant)
Super-Skrull (Cosmic)
Superior Iron Man (Cosmic)
Symbiote Supreme (Mystic)
Taskmaster (Skill)
Terrax (Cosmic)
Thanos (Cosmic)
Thing (Science)
Thor (Cosmic)
Thor (Jane Foster) (Mystic)
Thor (Ragnarok) (Skill)
Tigra (Mystic)
Ultron (Tech)
Ultron (Classic) (Tech)
Unstoppable Colossus (Mystic)
Venom (Cosmic)
Venom the Duck (Cosmic)
Venompool (Cosmic)
Vision (Tech)
Vision (Aarkus) (Cosmic)
Vision (Age of Ultron) (Tech)
Void (Science)
Vulture (Tech)
War Machine (Tech)
Warlock (Tech)
Wasp (Science)
Winter Soldier (Skill)
Wolverine (Mutant)
Wolverine (Weapon X) (Mutant)
Wolverine (X-23) (Mutant)
Yellowjacket (Science)
Yondu (Tech)

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