Living Without Lighting
2021-03-07 02:17:15 (UTC)

Catching Up

I'd like to start off this diary entry off by stating that I'm considering ditching the "Day" headings, and from now on will be simply naming my entries based on their discussion matter. However, come to think of it, if a future entry strictly focuses on my addiction I might continue to use the day system. IDK, it's 2 in the morning and by this time my mind begins to shut down a bit.

Anyways, part of the reason why I've skipped the past few days is not only have I been busier than normal, but also the fiendish cravings I had been feeling for weed have simply dissipated, at least for the most part. I'm doing my best to immerse myself back into other creative endeavors, and so far I've found Minecraft and Adobe Premiere to be the most appealing alternative outlets for self expression. However, for the time being I've found the videogame much easier to creatively work with than the video editor, but I'd really prefer to work with the latter. Maybe if I put all my willpower into it and set my anxiety aside, for the first time in three years I can truly make another masterpiece of cinema. After all, one of my main reasons for quitting weed was to help realize my full potential.

Anyways, I'm simply too tired to pontificate and I'd like to do at least some tinkering with Premiere before I go to bed. And while sleep will probably find me with the guidance of a slumber pill by 4:30am, before then I'll settle down with some Algernon Blackwood. So far I've found his stories to be much more appealing than Lovecraft's. Without further ado, goodnight.